About Us

Empowering People With the Tools for Working at a Distance

How We Started

Distant Software was founded in 2018 in Toronto, Canada by bringing together professionals  in programming, digital video and web technologies. Our team consists of over 10 people. Most of the employees have extensive experience in their field. This allows us to deal with the most difficult tasks and set the most ambitious goals.

At the beginning of our way, we strove to create a new innovative product that could be used by everyone – regardless of material wealth. The world is changing very quickly, and for many companies, remote work has become a daily routine. Therefore, it is so important to provide each user with the affordable tools for remote work. This is what the Distant Desktop was created for.

These Days

In just a few years, our product Distant Desktop has become a popular remote desktop software. Our application is used by thousands of users around the world – from large corporations to individual users.

Today, we have several commercial projects, but Distant Desktop remains our favorite and our main creation.

Some Highlights

  • Trusted by 3 millions users.
  • Used in 103 countries.
  • Constantly improving.
  • It just works.

How to Contact Us

Please visit the support page, and fill out the form. Then click the “Submit” button. We will be glad to communicate with you. We usually respond within an hour.

How to Stay Informed

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