Access Remote Desktop from Anywhere

With this remote desktop software you can control your computers or run demonstrations remotely.
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FreeThis software is completely free for both personal and commercial use.

Fast & Reliable

High performance optimized over years of use. The speed is automatically adjusted depending on the connection conditions.

Easy To Use

No installation. No registration. Just download and run it. Use ID and Password to connect or provide remote access.

100% Secure

AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) based protection. The SRTP (Secure Realtime Protocol) is used for video, audio and file transfer.

Remote Desktop Connection

Distant Desktop allows you to connect and work on computers from anywhere in the world.  Use your mouse to run the applications, move and resize windows, select the files.  Use your keyboard to type, edit and delete a text. You can work just as if you were sitting in front of a remote monitor.

Our remote desktop software is widely used for computer administration in companies, for technical assistance of customers. It’s also a perfect tool for remote work, allowing users to access their office computers from home.

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Demonstration & Training

Another way to use Distant Desktop is the Demonstration mode. In this mode you allow remote access to your desktop, but the ability to control your PC is disabled.  The users are able to see your actions, talk to you, or send messages to chat.

You can use this remote desktop software to hold virtual classes, for distance education. Or you can demonstate the possibilities of your digital products. Or … just show your photos to your friends.

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It's as ease as 1 - 2 - 3!



Download the Distant Desktop and run it. The software must also be running on the remote PC. No installation required.


Get ID & Password

Find out the ID and password of the remote side. Both are displayed on the first window of Distant Desktop.


Get Started

Click the "Connect..." button and enter remote ID and password. Everything is ready. Get started!

No Installation Required

Are you providing a remote assistance? Your customer just need to download and run the Distant Desktop, without installation or registration.

Multiple connections

You can connect to multiple computers at once. Or you can allow remote desktop connection to your PC for several partners at a time.

File Transfer

You can send any files from your computer to remote desktop and vice versa. The integrity of the files is guaranteed.

Demonstration Mode

You can enable the Demonstration mode. Tell your ID and password to your partners. They can connect and view your desktop, but the control is disabled for them.

Text Chat

While working you can send and receive the text messages from your remote partner. A very useful feature for remote assistants.

Voice Сommunication

Are you holding on-line conference or presentation? Use your microphone to communicate with your partners.

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Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, 8, 10

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