Method #2: File

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Method #2: File

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This method allows you to customize Distant Desktop without creation of the new application. This method is recommended if you distribute Distant Desktop with your software or any other digital product.


Place your logo image into the same directory with Distant Desktop application. Also, create and open the file "ddcustom.txt".

This file has a very simple structure. It should consist of two text lines:


1.The first line is your contact information. User will use this info to ask you for remote assistance. Any information can be placed here: email, phone number, URL of the support page etc. You can even combine several contacts, for example:, +123456789

2.The second line is the name of your logo image file (without path). All popular image formats are supported.  Your image is placed on the top of the window, in the area of size 400x90 pixels.


Here is an example of the "ddcustom.txt" file:




The following example demonstrates the content of the software installation folder:




In this example i_view.exe is the main application of the popular Graphic Viewer IrfanView. In the main menu there may be an item "Help -> Remote Support" which launches the "distant-desktop.exe".  Our program reads the content of ddcustom.txt file, and loads the logo image and contact info.


It might look like this: