Key Features

Learn about the main benefits of the Distant Desktop software.

Free for Everyone

Unlike competitors' apps, our product is completely free. Not only personal use is permitted, but also commercial use.

Fully Secure

Authentication data, as well as video and audio streams are transmitted using highly secure communication protocols.

Easy To Use

This is probably one of the easiest remote desktop software. Minimalism in the interface and settings.

Multiple Connections

Ability to work simultaneously with several remote computers. This applies to both input and output connections.

Demonstration Mode

A special mode when your partners are able to view your desktop, but they can't control the cursor or keyboard.

File Transfer

Secure file transfer between remote computers. Send or receive any files with ease.

Communication Tools

Two ways to communicate with your remote partner in the Distant Desktop: text chat and talk using the headset.


Control who gains access to your PC by whitelisting trusted IDs. This will prevent unauthorized remote desktop connection.

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